“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.”

The title of this post is a quote attributed to Winston Churchill, and I have combined it in my mind with a quote from my Grandmother: “Nobody’s Perfect.” So, it seems I have found a conundrum. Who is correct? Churchill, who arguably saved the Free World, or my Grandmother? Does change inevitably lead to the path of perfection–or merely lead us in the direction of a never attainable entity?

I have decided (with all deference to the brilliance of Sir Winston) that my Grandmother has the edge here. And it came into focus when I considered the Innovator’s Mindset “5 Ways to lay the foundation for Innovation”. Innovation necessarily requires change, and frequent innovation will  therefore lead us down the path that Churchill challenged us to.  But can you ever reach perfection? To believe that you can  is a trap that there is no recovery from. George mentioned in his last blog post “…I have always believed that you could have been a great teacher ten years ago, changed nothing, and now be irrelevant.” (GCouros, “Intent vs. Impact”)My Grandmother would have agreed with George. The moment you feel “perfect” is the moment you stop innovating–and eventually become irrelevant.

How can we make sure that we never feel ourselves as having become “perfect”? Simple. Open Cultures that embrace change and innovation. Share your success, Share your stumbles. Share your questions, share your answers. Share your concerns, share your affirmations. Share your fears, share your bravery. All in all–SHARE. #IMMOOC has been a gold mine of affirmation and revelation to me in the past month. Can you replicate this environment in your own school setting? Create an open culture where day to day fears don’t exist? At our school–inspired by this community of learning through George–we have started a group of teachers who will meet on Friday mornings to share. To promote an open culture that is a community of learning–and talking about teaching. The norms are strict. We speak of innovation, learning, teaching, and reflection. Day to day complaints and “issues”have no forum here. We post our thoughts on quotes, post our reflections, post our ideas, and post any innovative thought we have on our online notebook. When you need inspiration, it is there for you to dig in. Our own, local #IMMOOC is being born. I couldn’t be more excited.

You simply need to understand that the world is changing.” (Dan Brown) Embrace this change TOGETHER in an Open Culture at your school. Walk the path that Churchill challenged us to, but remember that Grandma says you can’t get there, but you better keep walking. And THAT is the formula for growth in your profession and therefore in our students– if you do it with others.



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