What if we promoted Risk Taking to our staff and students?

#IMMOOC Live Episode 3 and Blog Prompts – The Innovator’s Mindset MOOC.  Which “what if” question challenges your thinking in the Innovator’s Mindset? What would you add to the list of what ifs?


“Only those who play win. Only those who risk win. History favors risk-takers. Forgets the timid. Everything else is commentary.”
Iveta Cherneva
In order to start this short-blog, I googled “risk taking”. (I know, so daring of me). This young lady and her quote appeared before me, and I wanted to learn more about her. What a fantastic individual I discovered today, taking on the world and making it better for our children at the U.N. She lives the words she speaks, and is not sitting by offering “commentary”. A great way to start a Monday, being inspired by someone I knew not of yesterday. Find these people, allow them to motivate you and stir up your “risk taking” genes.
I asked the question last night on #IMMOOC, “what methods do you use to motivate those who fear taking risks? ” (@ICSMrV34) and I received a wonderful piece of feedback from @AlexLCarterEDU suggesting that I find our their fears and support them through modeling risk in my classroom.
I am setting up Open Chat Stations this week in class as a means of review. Students will collaborate over OneNote to help complete very open ended points to reflect upon in our current unit. I am terrified of not “GIVING” them the material to know, but letting them discover what they do already know–and build the assessment from there. I am terrified of the technology not working, I am terrified of a student question I can’t answer. I am asking my neighbor to watch me in this attempt. To watch me try, to watch me screw up, to watch me ask the students for help with the collaboration, to watch me recover, and then watch the result–empowered students in an environment of learning.This will hopefully break down the walls of fear and allow for communication and collaboration about innovation with this colleague.
Fingers crossed, fears being faced, in full view of colleagues. Let’s do this.
~Rich V

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